Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Symptom diagnosis

  • Audio system
  • Symptom Table AUDIO SYSTEM Symptoms Check items Probable malfunction location The disk cannot be removed. Audio unit Malfunction in audio unit. No sound comes out or the level of the sound is low. No sound from all speakers. Speaker circuit shorted to ground. Refer to AV-138, "Wiring Diagram - With BOSE Audio System". Audio unit power supply and ground circuits malfunction. Refer to AV-102, "AUDIO UNIT : Diagnosis Procedure". BOSE speaker amp. power supply and ground circuits malfunction. Refer to AV-103, "BOSE SPEAKER AMP : Diagnosis Procedure". BOSE speaker amp. ON signal circuits malfunction. Refer to AV-122, "Diagnosis Procedure".

  • Normal operating condition
  • Description The majority of the audio concerns are the result of outside causes (bad CD, electromagnetic interference, etc.). NOISE The following noise results from variations in field strength, such as fading noise and multi-path noise, or external noise from trains and other sources. It is not a malfunction. Fading noise: This noise occurs because of variations in the field strength in a narrow range due to mountains or buildings blocking the signal. Multi-path noise: This noise results from the waves sent directly from the broadcast station arriving at the antenna at a different time from the waves which reflect off mountains or buildings.

Wiring diagram

Audio system