Nissan Maxima Owners Manual: Pre-driving checks and adjustments

Nissan Maxima Owners Manual / Pre-driving checks and adjustments

  • Keys
    1. NISSAN Intelligent Key
    2. NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System keys
  • Doors
  • When the doors are locked using one of the following methods, the doors cannot be opened using the inside or outside door handles. The doors must be unlocked to open the doors. WARNING Before opening any door, always look for and avoid oncoming traffic. To help avoid risk of injury or death through unintended operation of the vehicle and or its systems, including entrapment in windows or inadvertent door lock activation, do not leave children, people who require the assistance of others or pets unattended in your vehicle. Additionally, the temperature inside a closed vehicle on a warm day can quickly become high enough to cause a significant risk of injury or death to people and pets.

    1. Locking with key
    2. Locking with inside lock knob
    3. Locking with power door lock switch
    4. Child safety rear door lock
  • NISSAN Intelligent Key
  • WARNING Radio waves could adversely affect electric medical equipment. Those who use a pacemaker should contact the electric medical equipment manufacturer for the possible influences before use. The Intelligent Key transmits radio waves when the buttons are pressed. The FAA advises the radio waves may affect aircraft navigation and communication systems. Do not operate the Intelligent Key while on an airplane. Make sure the buttons are not operated unintentionally when the unit is stored for a flight. Never leave the Intelligent Key in the vehicle when you leave the vehicle.

    1. Operating range
    2. Door locks/unlocks precaution
    3. NISSAN Intelligent Key Operation
    4. How to use the remote keyless entry function
    5. Warning signals
    6. Troubleshooting guide
  • Remote Engine Start
  • The button will be on the NISSAN Intelligent Key if the vehicle has remote engine start. This feature allows the engine to start from outside the vehicle. The following features may be affected when the remote start feature is used: Vehicles with an automatic climate control system will default to either a heating or cooling mode depending on outside and cabin temperatures. For additional information, refer to "Remote engine start logic" in the "Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems" section of this manual. Laws in some local communities may restrict the use of remote starters. For example, some laws require a person using remote start to have the vehicle in view.

    1. Remote engine start operating range
    2. Remote starting the vehicle
    3. Extending engine run time
    4. Canceling a remote start
    5. Conditions the remote start will not work
  • Hood
  • Pull the hood lock release handle located below the driver side instrument panel. The hood will spring up slightly. Push the lever at the front of the hood to the side as illustrated with your fingertips and raise the hood. When closing the hood, lower it slowly and make sure it locks into place. WARNING Make sure the hood is completely closed and latched before driving. Failure to do so could cause the hood to fly open and result in an accident. If you see steam or smoke coming from the engine compartment, to avoid injury do not open the hood.

  • Trunk lid
  • WARNING Do not drive with the trunk lid open. This could allow dangerous exhaust gases to be drawn into the vehicle. For additional information, refer to "Exhaust gas (carbon monoxide)" in the "Starting and driving" section of this manual. Closely supervise children when they are around cars to prevent them from playing and becoming locked in the trunk where they could be seriously injured. Keep the car locked, with the rear seatback and trunk lid securely latched when not in use, and prevent children's access to car keys.

    1. Opener operation
    2. Interior trunk lid release
    3. Interior trunk access
  • Fuel-filler door
    1. Opening the fuel-filler door
    2. Fuel-filler cap
    3. Loose fuel cap warning
  • Steering wheel
  • WARNING Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving. You could lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident. Do not adjust the steering wheel any closer to you than is necessary for proper steering operation and comfort. The driver's air bag inflates with great force. If you are unrestrained, leaning forward, sitting sideways or out of position in any way, you are at greater risk of injury or death in a crash. You may also receive serious or fatal injuries from the air bag if you are up against it when it inflates. Always sit back against the seatback and as far away as practical from the steering wheel. Always use the seat belts.

    1. Manual operation (if so equipped)
    2. Automatic operation (if so equipped)
  • Sun visors
  • To block glare from the front, swing down the sun visor. To block glare from the side, remove the sun visor from the center mount and swing the visor to the side. Slide the extension sun visor in or out as needed. CAUTION Do not store the sun visor before returning the extension to its original position. Do not pull the extension sun visor forcibly downward. Vanity mirrors To access the vanity mirror, pull the sun visor down and flip open the mirror cover. The vanity mirror will illuminate when the mirror cover is open.

  • Mirrors
    1. Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror
    2. Outside mirrors
  • Automatic drive positioner (if so equipped)
  • The automatic drive positioner system has three features: Memory storage function (Key-link) Memory storage function (Switch) Entry/exit function Key-link, when enabled, automatically retains the driver's last seat, automatic steering wheel, and outside mirror positions for that specific key when the ignition is turned from ON to OFF. Each memory switch button (1 or 2) on the driver's door can also store one additional position which is independent of the key-linked position.

    1. Memory Storage Function (Key-Link)
    2. Memory storage function
    3. Entry/exit function
    4. System operation
If your vehicle is stolen