Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Key reminder function

System Description

Key reminder is the function that prevents the key from being left in the vehicle.

Key reminder has the following 3 functions.

Key reminder function

Operation condition


Driver door closed Right after driver side door is closed under the following conditions
  • Door lock operation is performed
  • Driver side door is opened
  • Driver side door is in unlock state
All doors unlock
Door is open or closed Right after all doors are closed under the following conditions
  • Intelligent Key is inside the vehicle
  • Any door is opened
  • All doors are locked by door lock and unlock switch or door lock knob
  • All doors unlock
  • Sounds Intelligent Key warning buzzer
Trunk is closed Right after trunk is closed under the following conditions
  • Intelligent Key is inside trunk room
  • All doors are closed
  • All doors are locked
  • Trunk open
  • Sounds Intelligent Key warning buzzer

*:If the door closing impact shocks the door lock knob, or contacts against baggage with the door lock knob, it might activate the door locks accidentally but unlock operation will be performed in these cases.


  • The above function operates when the Intelligent Key is inside the vehicle. However, there may be times when the Intelligent Key cannot be detected, and this function will not operate when the Intelligent Key is on the instrument panel, rear parcel shelf, or in the glove box. Also, this system sometimes does not operate if the Intelligent Key is in the door pocket for the open door.
  • The key reminder function is operated when the trunk is open/closed and the buzzers sound. If the following operations are performed, the key reminder function is cleared and buzzer sounds are stopped.
  • Remote controller door lock button operation of Intelligent Key
  • Remote controller door unlock button operation of Intelligent Key
  • When the trunk is closed, and the Intelligent Key is not inside the vehicle
  • When any door is open

Component Parts Location

Nissan Maxima. Component Parts Location

Nissan Maxima. Component Parts Location

  1. Horn (low) E215 (view with front fender protector LH removed)
  2. Horn (high) E216
  3. IPDM E/R E17, E18
  4. Horn relay H-1
  5. Intelligent Key warning buzzer E28
  6. Remote keyless entry receiver M27 (view with instrument panel removed)
  7. Combination meter M24
  8. BCM M16, M17, M18, M19, M20, M21 (view with instrument panel removed)
  9. Stop lamp switch E38
  10. Push button ignition switch M38
  11. Key slot M40 12. CVT shift selector (park position switch (Intelligent Key system)) M78
  12. Front console antenna M41 (view with center console assembly removed)
  13. Front outside handle LH (outside key antenna) D6
    Front outside handle RH (outside key antenna) D106
  14. Front outside handle LH (request switch) D15
    Front outside handle RH (request switch) D115
  15. Front door lock assembly LH (door unlock sensor) D10
  16. Front door switch LH B8 RH B108
  17. Rear door switch LH B18 RH B116
  18. Rear parcel shelf antenna B29
  19. Trunk opener request switch T5
  20. Rear bumper antenna B46
  21. Trunk lamp switch and trunk release solenoid T7


Component Description



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