Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Audio system



System Diagram

System Description


The audio system consists of the following components

  • Audio unit
  • Display unit
  • Bluetooth control unit
  • Window antenna
  • Steering wheel audio control switches
  • Front door speakers
  • Tweeters
  • Rear door speakers
  • Subwoofer amp.
  • Subwoofers

When the audio system is on, radio signals are received by the window antenna. The audio unit then sends audio signals to the front door speakers, tweeters, rear door speakers, subwoofer amp. and subwoofers.

Refer to Owner's Manual for audio system operating instructions.

Component Parts Location

Nissan Maxima. Component Parts Location

  1. Tweeter LH M143
  2. Display unit M109
  3. Tweeter RH M144
  4. Audio unit M133, M147
  5. Steering wheel audio control switches 6. Front door speaker LH D3 RH D103
  6. Rear door speaker LH D209 RH D309
  7. Subwoofers (view of underside of parcel shelf) LH B16 RH B17
  8. Bluetooth control unit B125, B126, B130
  9. Subwoofer amp. B21 11. Microphone R7

Component Description

Part name Description
Audio unit Controls audio and AUX IN system functions
Steering wheel audio control switches
  • Each audio operation can be operated.
  • Steering switch signal (operation signal) is output to audio unit and Bluetooth control unit
Front door speakers
  • Outputs audio signal from audio unit.
  • Outputs high, mid and low range sounds.
  • Outputs audio signal from audio unit.
  • Outputs high range sounds.
Rear door speakers
  • Outputs audio signal from audio unit.
  • Outputs high, mid and low range sounds
Bluetooth control unit
  • Receives signals from the audio unit.
  • Outputs display signals.
Display unit
  • Receives and displays signals from the Bluetooth control unit.
  • Displays audio system information
Subwoofer amp
  • Receives and amplifies sound signal from audio unit.
  • Outputs amplified sound signal to the subwoofers.
  • Outputs audio signal from subwoofer amp.
  • Outputs low range sounds
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