Nissan Maxima Owners Manual: ICC system operation

Nissan Maxima. ICC system operation

The ICC system maintains a selected distance from the vehicle in front of you within the speed range 0 to 90 mph (0 to 144km/h) up to the set speed. The set speed can be selected by the driver between 20 to 90 mph (32 to 144 km/h), based on road conditions.

The vehicle travels at the set speed when the road ahead is clear.

The ICC system is designed to maintain a selected distance from the vehicle in front of you and can reduce the speed to match a slower vehicle ahead. The system will decelerate the vehicle as necessary and if the vehicle ahead comes to a stop, the vehicle decelerates to a standstill. However, the ICC system can only apply up to 40% of the vehicle's total braking power.

This system should only be used when traffic conditions allow vehicle speeds to remain fairly constant or when vehicle speeds change gradually.

If a vehicle moves into the traveling lane ahead or if a vehicle traveling ahead rapidly decelerates, the distance between vehicles may become closer because the ICC system cannot decelerate the vehicle quickly enough. If this occurs, the ICC system will sound a warning chime and blink the system display to notify the driver to  take necessary action.

For additional information, refer to "Approach warning" in this section.

The following items are controlled in the ICC system:

  • When there are no vehicles traveling ahead, the ICC system maintains the speed set by the driver. The set speed range is between approximately 20 and 90 mph (32 and 144 km/h).
  • When there is a vehicle traveling ahead, the ICC system adjusts the speed to maintain the distance, selected by the driver, from the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle ahead comes to a stop, the vehicle decelerates to a standstill within the limitations of the system. The system will cancel once it judges a standstill with a warning chime.
  • When the vehicle traveling ahead has moved out from its lane of travel, the ICC system accelerates and maintains vehicle speed up to the set speed.

The ICC system does not control vehicle speed or warn you when you approach stationary and slow moving vehicles. You must pay attention to vehicle operation to maintain proper distance from vehicles ahead when approaching toll gates or traffic congestion.

Nissan Maxima. ICC system operation

When driving on the freeway at a set speed and approaching a slower traveling vehicle ahead, the ICC system will adjust the speed to maintain the distance, selected by the driver, from the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle ahead changes lanes or exits the freeway, the ICC system will accelerate and maintain the speed up to the set speed. Pay attention to the driving operation to maintain control of the vehicle as it accelerates to the set speed.

Normally when controlling the distance to a vehicle ahead, this system automatically accelerates or decelerates your vehicle according to the speed of the vehicle ahead. Depress the accelerator to properly accelerate your vehicle when acceleration is required for a lane change. Depress the brake pedal when deceleration is required to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead due to its sudden braking or if a vehicle cuts in. Always stay alert when using the ICC system.

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