Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair work flow
  • Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED WORK FLOW 1.CUSTOMER INFORMATION Get detailed information from the customer about the symptom. 2.PRELIMINARY CHECK Perform preliminary check. 3.TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETINS Check for technical service bulletins. 4.USER MODE Perform self-diagnosis using the "AIR BAG" warning lamp in User mode. 5.SELF-DIAGNOSIS Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. 6.REPLACE PART Replace the malfunctioning part. 7.FINAL CHECK Check SRS using Diagnosis mode and User mode.

  • Intermittent incident
  • Inspection Procedure INTERMITTENT TROUBLE An intermittent incident may have occured in the past but is not being detected currently. This DTC will not bedetected on SELF DIAG [CURRENT], but may be viewed on SELF DIAG [PAST] using CONSULT. Trouble Diagnosis with CONSULT DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURE 4 Check SRS Repair History 1.CONSIDER POSSIBILITY THAT SELF-DIAGNOSTIC RESULT WAS NOT ERASED AFTER REPAIR Check repair history of the SRS.

SRS airbag control system

Diagnosis and repair work flow