Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Front seat

Exploded View


Driver Seat - Without Climate Controlled Seats

  1. Headrest
  2. Headrest holder (free)
  3. Headrest holder (locked)
  4. Seatback board
  5. Seatback board clip
  6. Seat cushion inner finisher inside (RH)
  7. Recline mechanism inner cover
  8. Seat cushion outer finisher (RH)
  9. Seat belt buckle
  10. Seat cushion trim
  11. Seat cushion pad
  12. Seat cushion assembly
  13. Thigh extension tether
  14. Thigh extension assembly
  15. Seat harness
  16. Seat cushion trim (w/o thigh extension)
  17. Seat cushion pad (w/o thigh extension)
  18. Seat cushion assembly (w/o thigh extension)
  19. Seat cushion front finisher
  20. Front slide cover
  21. Seat frame assembly
  22. Power seat control unit
  23. Actuator bracket
  24. Rear slide cover
  25. Power seat switch
  26. Seat slide and lifter switch knob
  27. Seat recline knob
  28. Lumbar support switch (if equipped)
  29. Lumbar lever (if equipped)
  30. Seat cushion outer finisher (LH)
  31. Recline device outer cover
  32. Seat cushion inner finisher (LH)
  33. Side air bag module
  34. Seatback frame
  35. Seatback pad
  36. Seatback trim
  37. Seatback assembly
  38. Chute rod


Passenger Seat

  1. Seatback board
  2. Seatback board clip
  3. Headrest
  4. Seat harness
  5. Seat cushion inner finisher inside (RH)
  6. Recline device inner cover
  7. Seat cushion outer finisher (RH)
  8. Seat recline knob
  9. Seat slide and lifter switch knob
  10. Power seat switch
  11. Seat cushion assembly
  12. Seat cushion front finisher
  13. Front slide cover
  14. Seat frame assembly
  15. Seat cushion outer finisher (LH)
  16. Recline mechanism inner cover
  17. Seat cushion inner finisher inside (LH)
  18. Seat belt buckle
  19. Seatback assembly
  20. Seatback pad
  21. Seatback trim
  22. Seatback frame
  23. Chute rod
  24. Side air bag module
  25. Rear slide cover
  26. Headrest holder (locked)
  27. Headrest holder (free)

Removal and Installation



Do not leave any objects (screwdrivers, tools, etc.) on the seat during seat repair. It can lead to personal injury if the side air bag module should accidentally deploy.


  • When removing or installing the seat trim, handle it carefully to keep dirt out and to avoid damage.
  • When checking the power seat circuit for continuity using a circuit tester, do not confuse its connector with the side air bag module connector. Such an error may cause the air bag module to deploy.
  • Do not drop, tilt, or bump the side air bag module while installing the seat. Always handle it with care.
  • After the front side air bag module inflates, the front seatback assembly must be replaced.
  • When removing and installing the seat, use shop cloths to protect components from damage.
  • Before removing the front seat, turn the ignition switch OFF, disconnect both battery terminals and wait at least three minutes.
  1. Slide the seat to the full froward position.
  2. Remove the rear slide covers. a. Release the pawls (A).

b. Remove the rear slide covers.

3. Remove the rear mount bolts.

4. Slide the seat to the full rearward position.

5. Remove the front slide covers.

6. Remove the front mount bolts.

7. Disconnect the negative and positive battery terminals and wait at least three minutes. Refer to PG-67, "Removal and Installation (Battery)".

8. Disconnect the harness connector under the seat and remove harness clips.

9. Remove seat from the vehicle.


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.


Make sure that the seat harness or the floor trim is not damaged during installation.


  • When installing the LH front seat, tighten the bolts in the order shown.

  • When installing the RH front seat, tighten the bolts in the order shown.

    Removal and installation

    Rear seat
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