Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Removal and installation

  • Front seat
  • Exploded View DRIVER Driver Seat - Without Climate Controlled Seats Headrest Headrest holder (free) Headrest holder (locked) Seatback board Seatback board clip Seat cushion inner finisher inside (RH) Recline mechanism inner cover Seat cushion outer finisher (RH) Seat belt buckle Seat cushion trim Seat cushion pad Seat cushion assembly Thigh extension tether Thigh extension assembly Seat harness Seat cushion trim (w/o thigh extension) Seat cushion pad (w/o thigh extension) Seat cushion assembly (w/o thigh extension) Seat cushion front finisher Front slide cover Seat frame assembly Power seat control unit Actuator bracket Rear slide cover Power seat switch Seat slide and lifter switch knob Sea

  • Rear seat
  • Exploded View - Fixed Seatback Headrest Headrest holder (free) Headrest holder (locked) Bumper Seatback assembly Seatback trim Seatback pad Seat cushion trim Seat cushion pad Seat cushion wire cover Seat cushion lock Seat cushion assembly Removal and Installation CAUTION: When removing and installing, use shop cloths to protect parts from damage. SEAT CUSHION ASSEMBLY Removal Locate the seat cushion lock (2) at the front bottom of the seat cushion assembly (one for each side). Pull the release lever (A) forward and lift the seat cushion assembly upward to release the seat cushion wire (1) from the seat cushion lock (2). : Front Then pull the seat cushion assembly forward to remove.

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Front seat