Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair workflow
  • Work Flow WORK FLOW DETAILED FLOW 1. GET INFORMATION FOR SYMPTOM Get the detailed information from the customer about the symptom (the condition and the environment when the incident/malfunction occurred). 2. CHECK DTC Check DTC. Perform the following procedure if DTC is displayed. Record DTC and freeze frame data (Print them out with CONSULT.) Erase DTC. Study the relationship between the cause detected by DTC and the symptom described by the customer. Check related service bulletins for information. Is any symptom described and any DTC detected? Symptom is described, DTC is detected. Symptom is not described, DTC is detected. Symptom is described, DTC is not detected. 3.

  • Inspection and adjustment
  • Preliminary Check 1. FOREIGN OBJECTS Check the following: objects on or behind the seats that could cause binding objects under the seats that may be interfering with the seat's moving parts objects under pedals that may interfere with movement Are there any foreign objects that could be causing interference? 2. WIRING CONNECTIONS Disconnect harness connectors. Check terminals for damage or loose connections. Reconnect harness connectors. Are any connectors damaged or loose? 3. POWER AND GROUND Check power supply and ground circuits for control unit. Refer to ADP-47, "DRIVER SEAT CONTROL UNIT : Diagnosis Procedure".

Automatic drive positioner

Diagnosis and repair workflow