Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Front fog lamp aiming adjustment



NOTE: For details, refer to the regulations in your area.

Before performing aiming adjustment, check the following.

  • Adjust the tire pressure to specification.
  • Position vehicle and screen on level surface.
  • Ensure there is no load in vehicle other than the driver (or equivalent weight placed in driver's position).
  • Ensure engine coolant and engine oil are filled to correct levels and fuel tank is full.
  • Confirm spare tire, jack and tools are properly stowed.
  • Wipe off dirt on the fog lamp.

CAUTION: Do not use organic solvent (thinner, gasoline etc.).


  • Turn the aiming adjusting screw for adjustment as shown.

NOTE: A screwdriver or hexagonal wrench [6 mm (0.24 in)] can be used for adjustment.


  • A: Up
  • B: Down

Aiming Adjustment Procedure

NOTE: Set the screen so that it is perpendicular to the road.

  1. Position the screen.
  2. Make the distance between the fog lamp center and the screen 7.62 m (25.0 ft).
  3. Start the engine and illuminate fog lamp. CAUTION: Do not cover the lens surface with tape, etc. because it is made of plastic.

    NOTE: Block the light from the headlamp that is not being adjusted with a thick fabric or similar object, so that it does not reach the screen..

  4. Adjust the cutoff line height (A) with the aiming adjustment screw so that the distance (X) between the horizontal center line of front fog lamp (H) and (A) becomes 100 mm (4.0 in).

Nissan Maxima. Aiming Adjustment Procedure 

  • Front fog lamp light distribution on the screen is as shown.
  • A: Cutoff line
  • B: High illuminance area
  • H: Horizontal center line of front fog lamp
  • V: Vertical center line of front fog lamp
  • X: Cutoff line height
    Headlamp aiming adjustment

    Removal and installation