Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • Rear window defogger system
  • System Diagram System Description Operation Description When rear window defogger switch is turned ON while ignition switch is ON, the A/C auto amp. (rear window defogger switch) transmits rear window defogger switch signal to BCM. BCM turns rear window defogger relay ON when rear window defogger switch signal is received. Rear window defogger and door mirror defogger (with door mirror defogger) are supplied with power and operate when rear window defogger relay turns ON. Rear window defogger ON is displayed when controller (A/C auto amp.) receives signals.

  • Diagnosis system (BCM)
  • COMMON ITEM COMMON ITEM: CONSULT Function (BCM - COMMON ITEM) APPLICATION ITEM CONSULT performs the following functions via CAN communication with BCM. Direct Diagnostic Mode Description Ecu Identification The BCM part number is displayed Self Diagnostic Result Displays the diagnosis results judged by BCM Data Monitor The BCM input/output signals are displayed. Active Test The signals used to activate each device are forcibly supplied from BCM. Work support Changes the setting for each system function. Configuration Enables to read and save the vehicle specification.

Basic inspection

Rear window defogger system