Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Symptom diagnosis

  • Multi AV system symptoms
  • Symptom Table RELATED TO NAVIGATION Trouble Diagnosis Chart by Symptom RELATED TO HANDS-FREE PHONE Before performing diagnosis, confirm that the cellular phone being used by the customer is compatible with the vehicle. It is possible that a malfunction is occurring due to a version change of the phone even though the phone is a compatible type. This can be confirmed by changing the cellular phone to another compatible type, and checking that it operates normally. It is important to determine whether the cause of the malfunction is the vehicle or the cellular phone. Check Compatibility Make sure the customer's Bluetooth related concern is understood. Verify the customer's concern.

  • Normal operating condition
  • Description NOTE: For Navigation system operation information, refer to Navigation system Owner's Manual. BASIC OPERATIONS NOTE: Locations stored in the Address Book and other memory functions may be lost if the vehicle's battery is disconnected or becomes discharged. If this occurs, service the vehicle's battery as necessary and re-enter the information in the Address Book. RELATED TO HANDS-FREE PHONE RELATED TO VOICE RECOGNITION Related to Basic Operation Related to Item Choice The system should respond correctly to all voice commands without difficulty. If problems are encountered, follow the solutions given in this guide for the appropriate error.

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Multi AV system symptoms