Nissan Maxima Owners Manual: Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

  • Precautions on SRS
  • This SRS section contains important information concerning the following systems: Driver and front passenger supplemental front-impact air bag (NISSAN Advanced Air Bag System) Front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bag Roof-mounted curtain side-impact and rollover supplemental air bag Seat belt with pretensioner(s) (front seats) Supplemental front-impact air bag system The NISSAN Advanced Air Bag System can help cushion the impact force to the head and chest of the driver and front passenger in certain frontal collisions.

  • Supplemental air bag warning labels
  • Warning labels about the supplemental frontimpact air bag system are placed in the vehicle as shown in the illustration. WARNING Do not use a rear-facing child restraint on a seat protected by an air bag in front of it. If the air bag deploys, it may cause serious injury or death.

  • Supplemental air bag warning light
  • The supplemental air bag warning light, displaying in the instrument panel, monitors the circuits for the air bag systems, pretensioner( s) and all related wiring. When the ignition switch is placed in the ON position, the supplemental air bag warning light illuminates for about 7 seconds and then turns off. This means the system is operational. If any of the following conditions occur, the front air bag, side air bag, curtain air bag and pretensioner systems need servicing: The supplemental air bag warning light remains on after approximately 7 seconds. The supplemental air bag warning light flashes intermittently. The supplemental air bag warning light does not come on at all.

Booster seat installation

Precautions on SRS