Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Removal and Installation


  1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. Refer to PG-67, "Removal and Installation (Battery)".
  2. Disconnect the harness connector from the accelerator position sensor.
  3. Remove the three accelerator pedal nuts.
  4. Remove the accelerator pedal and accelerator position sensor assembly.
  • For electrical inspection of the accelerator pedal position sensor. Refer to EC-469, "Component Inspection".


  • Do not disassemble the pedal assembly. Do not remove the accelerator pedal position sensor from the pedal assembly.
  • Avoid impact from dropping during handling.
  • Keep the pedal assembly away from water.


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

  • Align and install accelerator pedal and accelerator position sensor assembly with locating pins in locating pin holes.
  • Check the accelerator pedal for smooth operation. There should be no binding or sticking when applying or releasing the accelerator pedal.

Check that the accelerator pedal moves through the full specified distance of pedal trav

Nissan Maxima. Removal and Installation

Pedal travel (A) : Refer to ACC-5, "Accelerator Control".

CAUTION: Whenever the harness connector of the accelerator pedal position sensor is disconnected, perform the "Accelerator pedal released position learning". Refer to EC-20, "ACCELERATOR PEDAL RELEASED POSITION LEARNING : Special Repair Requirement".

    Exploded View
    Accelerator pedal and accelerator position sensor assembly Locating pins Front ...

    Service data and specifications (SDS)
    SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS (SDS) Accelerator Control PEDAL TRAVEL Accelerator pedal - total travel (A) 48.5 - 53.5 mm (1.91 - 2.11 in) ...

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