Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Headlining

Exploded View

Nissan Maxima. Exploded View

  1. Rear assist grip
  2. Front assist grip
  3. Front room/map lamp assembly (dual panel- sunroof)
  4. Sun visor (RH)
  5. Sun visor (LH)
  6. Mirror harness cover
  7. Sun visor cover
  8. Front room/map lamp assembly
  9. Sun visor holder
  10. Rear assist grip LH
  11. Headlining assembly (single panel sunroof)
  12. Headlining assembly (dual panel-sunroof)
  13.  Dual lock fastener
  14.  Sunroof clip
  15. Screw
  16.  Metal clip
  17. Magnets
  18. Clip

Removal and Installation


  • - Disconnect the negative and positive battery terminals and wait at least three minutes.
  • Be careful not to bend or crease the headlining during removal or installation


  1. Recline the front seats to the fully reclined position.
  2. Disconnect the negative and positive battery terminals. Refer to PG-67, "Removal and Installation (Battery)".
  3. Remove front pillar finishers (RH/LH). Refer to INT-24, "Removal and Installation".
  4. Disconnect headlining harness and antenna feeder connectors.
  5. Remove center pillar upper finishers (RH/LH). Refer to INT-24, "Removal and Installation".
  6. Remove rear pillar finishers (RH/LH). Refer to INT-24, "Removal and Installation".
  7. Disconnect antenna amplifier and rear window defogger harness connectors.
  8. Release the molded clip, then remove front and rear assist grips

Nissan Maxima. REMOVAL

  1. Remove the rear view mirror. Refer to MIR-19, "Removal and Installation".
  2. Remove the sun visors (RH/LH).
  3. Remove the sun visor covers and screws.
  4. Disconnect the connector and remove each of the sun visors.
  1. Insert a suitable thin tool (A) at approximately a 30 degree angle into the sun visor holder notch on the front of the sun visor holder (1) and press in the locking tab (B) to release it. While holding in lock tab (B), turn the sun visor holder (1) 90 degrees to release it from the headliner.
  • If the sun visor holder (1) does not fully rotate, make sure that the suitable thin tool (A) is pressing in on the locking tab (B) and is not positioned under locking tab (B). Reinsert the suitable thin tool (A) as necessary to release the locking tab (B).
  • : Front

CAUTION: Do not force the sun visor holder when removing as the locking tab may be damaged if the suitable thin tool is not positioned correctly.

Nissan Maxima. REMOVAL

  1. Remove front room/map lamp assembly. Refer to INL-84, "Removal and Installation".
  2. Release dual lock fasteners around the sunroof opening and the magnets in the center of the headlining.

    Release the sunroof clip using a suitable tool.

  3. Release the hidden clips near the rear edge of headlining using a suitable tool.
  4. Drop headlining down and carefully rotate into position. Remove headlining through rear door opening.


  • When removing, two workers are required (one for each front and rear of headlining).
  • Cover center console finisher upper surface with a shop cloth to prevent damage.

Nissan Maxima. REMOVAL

  1. The following components are integral to the headlining and are repaired only as an assembly:
  • Personal lamps (LH/RH).
  • Roof harness assembly.
  • Antenna feeder assembly.
  • Dual lock attachments
  • Magnets


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

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