Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Auto light system

System Diagram

Nissan Maxima. System Diagram

System Description

  • BCM (Body Control Module) controls auto light operation according to signals from optical sensor, lighting switch and ignition switch.
  • IPDM E/R (Intelligent Power Distribution Module Engine Room) operates parking, license plate, tail, front fog lamps and headlamps according to CAN communication signals from BCM.
  • Optical sensor detects ambient brightness of 800 to 2,500 lux, converts light (lux) to voltage, and then sends the optical sensor signal to BCM.


The auto light control system has an optical sensor that detects outside brightness.

When the lighting switch is in AUTO position, it automatically turns ON/OFF the parking, license plate, tail, front fog lamps and headlamps in accordance with the ambient light. Sensitivity can be adjusted in four steps.

For the details of the setting, refer

Component Parts Location

Nissan Maxima. Component Parts Location

  1. IPDM E/R E17, E18, E200
  2. BCM M16, M17, M18, M19, M21 (view with combination meter removed)
  3. Combination switch (lighting and turn signal switch) M28
  4. Optical sensor M66

Component Desription


Applicable lamps

  • Low beam headlamp
  • Parking, license plate and tail lamps
  • High beam headlamp (with the lighting switch in HIGH BEAM position)
  • Front fog lamp (with the lighting switch in front fog lamp ON position)

When the lighting switch is in AUTO position with the ignition switch in ON position, BCM detects the AUTO LIGHT (ON) by BCM combination switch (lighting and turn signal switch) reading function. BCM automatically turns ON/OFF the applicable lamps according to ambient brightness. NOTE: Timing for when lamps turn ON/OFF can be changed by the function setting of CONSULT.

    Daytime running light system

    Front fog lamp