Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair workflow
  • Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED FLOW 1. GET INFORMATION FOR SYMPTOM Get the detailed information from the customer about the symptom (the condition and the environment when the incident/malfunction occurred). 2. CHECK DTC Check DTC. Perform the following procedure if DTC is displayed. Record DTC and freeze frame data. Erase DTC. Study the relationship between the cause detected by DTC and the symptom described by the customer. 3. Check related service bulletins for information. 3. CONFIRM THE SYMPTOM Confirm the symptom described by the customer. Connect CONSULT to the vehicle in "DATA MONITOR" mode and check real time diagnosis results.

  • Additional service when replacing control unit (bcm)
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICE WHEN REPLACING CONTROL UNIT (BCM) : Description BEFORE REPLACEMENT When replacing BCM, save or print current vehicle specification with CONSULT configuration before replacement. NOTE: If "Before Replace ECU" cannot be used, use the "After Replace ECU" or "Manual Configuration" after replacing BCM. AFTER REPLACEMENT CAUTION: When replacing BCM, you must perform "After Replace ECU" with CONSULT. Complete the procedure of "After Replace ECU" in order. If you set incorrect "After Replace ECU ", incidents might occur. Configuration is different for each vehicle model. Confirm configuration of each vehicle model.

  • Configuration (BCM)
  • CONFIGURATION (BCM) : Description Vehicle specification needs to be written with CONSULT because it is not written after replacing BCM. Configuration has three functions as follows Function Description  "Before Replace ECU " Reads the vehicle configuration of current BCM. Saves the read vehicle configuration.  "After Replace ECU " Writes the vehicle configuration with manual selection  "Select Saved Data List " Writes the vehicle configuration with saved data CAUTION: When replacing BCM, you must perform "Select Saved Data List" or "After Replace ECU" with CONSULT.

Body control system

Diagnosis and repair workflow