Nissan Maxima Owners Manual: Passenger compartment

Nissan Maxima. Passenger compartment


Never use a fuse of a higher or lower amperage rating than specified on the fuse box cover. This could damage the electrical system or electronic control units or cause a fire.

If any electrical equipment does not operate, check for an open fuse.

1. Be sure the ignition switch and the headlight switch are in the OFF position.

2. Pull the fuse box cover to remove.

Nissan Maxima. Passenger compartment

3. Remove the fuse with the fuse puller A .

Nissan Maxima. Passenger compartment

4. If the fuse is open B , replace it with an equivalent good fuse C .

5. Push the fuse box cover to install.

6. If a new fuse also opens, have the electrical system checked and repaired. It is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer for this service.

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