Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Periodic maintenance

  • Engine oil
  • Inspection OIL LEVEL NOTE:  Before starting the engine, check the oil level. If the engine is already started, stop it and allow 10 minutes before checking.  Check that the oil level is within the range as indicated on the dipstick.  If it is out of range, add oil as necessary until the dipstick indicates the correct level. ENGINE OIL APPEARANCE  Check engine oil for white milky appearance or excessive contamination.  If engine oil becomes milky, it is highly probable that it is contaminated with engine coolant. Repair or replace damaged parts.

  • Oil filter
  • Removal and Installation REMOVAL  Drain engine oil. Refer to LU-9, "Changing Engine Oil".  Remove front fender protector side cover (RH). Refer to EXT-15, "Exploded View".  Remove the oil filter using Tool (A) as shown. Tool number : KV10115801 (J-38956) WARNING: Be careful not to get burned; the engine oil may be hot. CAUTION:  When removing, prepare a shop cloth to absorb any oil leaks or spills.  Do not allow engine oil to adhere to the drive belts.  Completely wipe off any oil that adheres to the engine and the vehicle. The oil filter is provided with a relief valve.

System description

Engine oil