Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair work flow
  • Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED FLOW 1.GET INFORMATION FOR SYMPTOM Get the detailed information from the customer about the symptom (the condition and the environment when the incident/malfunction occurred) using the "Diagnostic Work Sheet". (Refer to EC-12, "Diagnostic Work Sheet".) Ask if the customer requests I/M examination. 2.CHECK DTC Check DTC. Perform the following procedure if DTC is displayed. Record DTC and freeze frame data. (Print them out with CONSULT or GST.) Erase DTC. (Refer to EC-135, "On Board Diagnosis Function" or EC-138, "CONSULT Function".

  • Inspection and adjustment
  • BASIC INSPECTION BASIC INSPECTION : Special Repair Requirement 1.INSPECTION START Check service records for any recent repairs that may indicate a related malfunction, or a current need for scheduled maintenance. Open engine hood and check the following: Harness connectors for improper connections Wiring harness for improper connections, pinches and cut Vacuum hoses for splits, kinks and improper connections Hoses and ducts for leakage Air cleaner clogging Gasket Check that electrical or mechanical loads are not applied. Head lamp switch is OFF. Air conditioner switch is OFF. Rear window defogger switch is OFF. Steering wheel is in the straight-ahead position, etc.

  • How to set srt code
  • Description OUTLINE In order to set all SRTs, the self-diagnoses as in the "SRT ITEM" table must have been performed at least once. Each diagnosis may require actual driving for a long period of time under various conditions. SRT ITEM The table below shows required self-diagnostic items to set the SRT to "CMPLT". *1: Though displayed on the CONSULT screen, "HO2S HTR" is not SRT item. *2: If completion of several SRTs is required, perform driving patterns (DTC confirmation procedure), one by one based on the priority for models with CONSULT.

  • How to erase permanent DTC
  • Description OUTLINE When a DTC is stored in ECM When a DTC is stored in ECM and MIL is ON, a permanent DTC is erased with MIL shutoff if the same malfunction is not detected after performing the driving pattern for MIL shutoff three times in a raw. *1: When the same malfunction is detected in two consecutive trips, MIL will illuminate. *2: MIL will turn off after vehicle is driven 3 times (driving pattern B) without any malfunctions When a DTC is not stored in ECM The erasing method depends on a permanent DTC stored in ECM. Refer to the following table. NOTE: If the applicable permanent DTC includes multiple groups, perform the procedure of Group B first.

Engine control system

Diagnosis and repair work flow