Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Periodic maintenance

  • Brake pedal
  • Inspection and Adjustment INSPECTION Inspect the brake pedal free height (H) from the floor using Tool at a 90 angle to the floor as shown. Adjust the brake pedal free height (H) to specifications. Brake pedal free height (H) Brake pedal full stroke (S) Clearance between brake pedal bracket (C1) and threaded end of stop lamp switch and ASCD cancel switch (C2) ADJUSTMENT Loosen the stop lamp switch and ASCD cancel switch by turning 45 counterclockwise. Loosen lock nut (A) on the input rod, then turn input rod to adjust the brake pedal to specified height. When finished adjusting, tighten lock nut (A) to specification. Lock nut (A) : 18.7 N*m (1.

  • Brake fluid
  • Inspection LEVEL CHECK Make sure that a brake fluid level in reservoir tank is between MAX and MIN lines as shown. Visually check around reservoir tank for fluid leakage. If the level is excessively low, check brake system for leaks. If brake warning lamp remains illuminated after parking brake pedal is released, check brake system for fluid leaks. Drain and Refill CAUTION: Refill with new brake fluid. Refer to MA-15, "FOR USA AND CANADA : Fluids and Lubricants" (for United States and Canada) or MA-16, "FOR MEXICO : Fluids and Lubricants" (for Mexico). Do not reuse drained brake fluid. Do not let brake fluid splash on the painted surfaces of the body.

Brake tube and hose

Brake pedal