Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Periodic maintenance

  • Power steering fluid
  • Inspection FLUID LEVEL Check fluid level with engine stopped. Make sure that fluid level is between MIN and MAX. Fluid levels at HOT (A) and COLD (B) are different. Do not confuse them. HOT (A) : Fluid temperature 50 - 80 C (122- 176F) COLD (B) : Fluid temperature 0 - 30C (32- 86F) CAUTION: The fluid level should not exceed the MAX line. Excessive fluid will cause fluid leakage from the cap. Do not reuse drained power steering fluid. Recommended fluid is Genuine Nissan PSF or equivalent. FLUID LEAKAGE Check hydraulic connections for fluid leakage, cracks, damage, looseness, or wear.

  • Steering wheel
  • Inspection INSTALLATION CONDITION Check installation conditions of steering gear assembly, front suspension assembly, axle and steering column assembly. Check if movement exists when steering wheel is moved up and down, to the left and right and to the axial direction. Check steering gear assembly bolts and nut for looseness. STEERING WHEEL PLAY Turn steering wheel so that front wheels come to the straight-ahead position. Start engine and lightly turn steering wheel to the left and right until front wheels start to move. Measure steering wheel movement on the outer circumference.

  • Power steering oil pump
  • Inspection CAUTION: Make sure that belt tension is normal before starting the following procedure. Connect the Tool between oil pump discharge connector and high-pressure hose. Bleed air from the hydraulic circuit while opening the shut-off valve fully. Refer to ST-12, "Inspection". Tool numbers : KV48103500 (J-26357) : KV48102500 (J-33914) Start engine. Run engine until power steering fluid temperature reaches 50 - 80C (122 - 176F). CAUTION: Leave the shut-off valve of the Tool fully open while starting and running engine.


Power steering fluid