Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Unit disassembly and assembly

  • Steering column
  • Disassembly and Assembly The steering column assembly without electric motor is not serviceable and must be replaced as an assembly. With Electric Motor Steering column assembly Telescope motor Telescope motor link bracket Tilt motor Tilt motor bolt cap DISASSEMBLY Remove the steering wheel. Refer to ST-17, "Removal and Installation". Tilt motor Remove the tilt motor as follows. Disconnect the harness connector (A) from the tilt motor. Remove the tilt motor link bolts (B). Remove the tilt motor bolt (A) from the RH side of column. Remove the tilt motor (B). NOTE: If the steering wheel could not be tilted to the highest position, manually tilt steering wheel to the highest position.

  • Steering gear and linkage
  • Exploded View Outer socket Boot clamp Boot Inner socket Boot clamp SSPS valve (part of gear assembly) Gear assembly Front Three Bond 1111B or equivalent Disassembly Remove outer socket locknut and outer socket. Remove boot clamps and boot. CAUTION: Do not reuse boot clamps. Remove inner socket. Inspection INSPECTION AFTER DISASSEMBLY Boot Check boot for cracks. Replace if any damage is found. Outer Socket and Inner Socket Ball joint swinging torque Hook a spring balance to the ball stud and inner socket measuring point (*) and pull the spring balance. Make sure that the spring balance reads the specified value when ball stud and inner socket start to move.

Hydraulic line

Steering column