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Nissan Maxima. EXIT ASSIST FUNCTION : System Diagram

EXIT ASSIST FUNCTION : System Description


When exiting, if the conditions are satisfied, the seat is moved backward from normal sitting position and the steering column is moved up.

The seat slide amount at entry/exit operation can be changed.


  • This function is set to ON before delivery (initial setting).
  • - Further information for the system setting procedure. Refer to Owner's Manual.


  1. Open the front door LH with ignition switch in OFF position.
  2. Front seat LH and steering column will move to the exiting position.


Satisfy all of the following items. The exit assist function is not performed if these items are not satisfied.

Item Request status
Ignition switch OFF
System setting [Entry/exit assist function] ON
Initialization Done

Switch inputs

  • Power seat switch
  • ADP steering switch
  • Door mirror remote control switch
  • Set switch
  • Seat memory switch
OFF (Not operated)
CVT selector lever P position


Order Input Output Control unit condition
1 Front door switch LH - Driver seat control unit receives front door switch LH signal (open) from BCM via CAN communication
2 - Motors (seat sliding, tilt) Driver seat control unit operates the seat sliding motor, which recognizes that the driver side door is opened with ignition switch OFF.

Driver seat control unit then requests the operations of tilt motor to auto drive positioner control unit via UART communication. The automatic drive positioner control unit operates each motor for a constant amount.

EXIT ASSIST FUNCTION : Component Parts Loca

Nissan Maxima. EXIT ASSIST FUNCTION : Component Parts Loca

  1. Push-button ignition switch M38
  2. BCM M16, M17, M18, M19 (view with instrument panel removed)
  3. TCM F15
  4. A. ADP steering switch M39
    B. Tilt motor M71, telescopic motor M73
  5. A. Power seat switch LH B213
    B. Reclining motor B222
    C. Driver seat control unit B203, B211
  6. Automatic drive positioner control unit M63, M67 (view with instrument panel removed)
  7. A. Door mirror LH D4
    B. Door mirror RH D107
    C. Front door switch LH B8
  8. Door mirror remote control switch M108
  9. Seat memory switch D13
    : Front

EXIT ASSIST FUNCTION : Component Description


Item Function
Driver seat control unit
  • Operates the seat sliding motor for a constant amount.
  • Requests operation of the tilt motor from the automatic drive positioner control unit.
Automatic drive positioner control unit Operates the tilt motor with the request from the driver seat control unit

Recognizes the following status and transmits it to the driver seat control unit via CAN communication.

  • Front door LH: OPEN/CLOSE
  • Key switch signal
  • Ignition switch signal



Item Function
Front door switch LH Detect front door LH open/close statu


Item Function
Tilt sensor Detect the up/down position of steering column.
Sliding sensor Detect the front/rear position of seat.


Item Function
Tilt motor Move the steering column up/down.
Sliding motor Slide the seat forward/backward
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