Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: ECU diagnosis information

  • Driver seat control unit
  • Reference Value VALUES ON THE DIAGNOSIS TOOL CONSULT MONITOR ITEM *: The value at the position attained when the battery is connected is regarded as 32768. TERMINAL LAYOUT PHYSICAL VALUES Fail Safe The fail-safe mode may be activated if the following symptoms are observed. DTC Index 0: Current malfunction is present 1-39: Displayed if any previous malfunction is present when current condition is normal. The numeral value increases by one at each IGN ON to OFF cycle from 1 to 39. The counter remains at 39 even if the number of cycles exceeds it.

  • Automatic drive positioner control unit

  • BCM (body control module)
  • Reference Value NOTE: The Signal Tech II Tool (J-50190) can be used to perform the following functions. Refer to the Signal Tech II User Guide for additional information. Activate and display TPMS transmitter IDs Display tire pressure reported by the TPMS transmitter Read TPMS DTCs Register TPMS transmitter IDs Check Intelligent Key relative signal strength Confirm vehicle Intelligent Key antenna signal strength VALUES ON THE DIAGNOSIS TOOL Terminal Layout              Fail Safe  DTC Inspection Priority Chart If some DTCs are displayed at the same time, perform inspections one by one based on the following priority chart.

Seat memory indicator lamp

Driver seat control unit