Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • Can communication system
  • System Description CAN communication is a multiplex communication system. This enables the system to transmit and receive large quantities of data at high speed by connecting control units with two communication lines (CAN-H and CAN-L). Control units on the CAN network transmit signals using the CAN communication control circuit. They receive only necessary signals from other control units to operate various functions. CAN communication lines adopt twisted-pair line style (two lines twisted) for noise immunity. System Diagram Each control unit passes an electric current to the termination circuits when transmitting CAN communication signal.

  • Diag on can
  • Description "Diag on CAN" is a diagnosis using CAN communication instead of previous DDL1 and DDL2 communication lines, between control units and diagnosis unit.

  • Trouble diagnosis
  • Condition of Error Detection DTC (e.g. U1000 and U1001) of CAN communication is indicated on SELF-DIAG RESULTS on CONSULT if a CAN communication signal is not transmitted or received between units for 2 seconds or more.


Can communication system