Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • Power distribution system
  • System Description INPUT/OUTPUT SIGNAL CHART SYSTEM DESCRIPTION POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (PDS) is the system that BCM controls with the operation of the pushbutton ignition switch and performs the power distribution to each power circuit. This system is used instead of the mechanical power supply changing mechanism with the operation of the conventional key cylinder. The push-button ignition switch can be operated when Intelligent Key is in the following conditions. Refer to Engine Start Function for details. Intelligent Key is in the detection area of the interior antenna Insert Intelligent Key in to the key slot The push-button ignition switch operation is input to BCM as a signal.

  • Diagnosis system (BCM)
  • COMMON ITEM COMMON ITEM : CONSULT Function (BCM - COMMON ITEM) APPLICATION ITEM CONSULT performs the following functions via CAN communication with BCM. SYSTEM APPLICATION BCM can perform the following functions. BCM BCM : CONSULT Function (BCM - BCM) ECU IDENTIFICATION The BCM part number is displayed.

Basic inspection

Power distribution system