Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • Warning chime system
  • WARNING CHIME SYSTEM : System Diagram WARNING CHIME SYSTEM : System Description COMBINATION METER The buzzer (1) for warning chime system is installed in the combination meter. The buzzer sounds when the combination meter receives a buzzer output signal from each unit. BCM BCM receives signals from various units and transmits a buzzer output signal to the combination meter with CAN communication line if it judges that the warning buzzer should be activated. WARNING CHIME SYSTEM : Component Parts Location A. Combination meter M24 B. Combination switch (lighting and turn signal switch) M28 A. Seat belt buckle switch LH B202 B.

  • Diagnosis system (meter)
  • Diagnosis Description SELF-DIAGNOSIS MODE Odo/trip meter and information display segment operation can be checked in self-diagnosis mode. Meters/gauges can be checked in self-diagnosis mode. OPERATION PROCEDURE Turn the ignition switch OFF. While pushing the odo/trip meter switch, turn the ignition switch ON again. Push the odo/trip meter switch at least 3 times within 7 seconds after the ignition switch is turned ON. The unified meter control unit is turned to self-diagnosis mode. All the segments on the odo/trip meter illuminate. Dots in all segments of information display LCD (1) flash alternately. NOTE: If any of the segments are not displayed, replace the combination meter.

  • Diagnosis system (BCM)

Basic inspection

Warning chime system