Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • Audio system
  • System Diagram System Description AUDIO SYSTEM The audio system consists of the following components AV control unit Display unit BOSE speaker amp. Window antenna Steering wheel audio control switches A/C and AV switch assembly Front door speakers Tweeters Center speaker Rear door speakers Rear subwoofer When the audio system is on, radio signals are received by the window antenna. The AV control unit then sends audio signals to the BOSE speaker amp. The BOSE speaker amp. amplifies the audio signals before sending them to the front door speakers, tweeters, center speaker, rear door speakers and rear subwoofers. Refer to Owner's Manual for audio system operating instructions.

  • Rear view monitor system
  • System Diagram System Description When the shift selector is in the R position, the display shows a view to the rear of the vehicle. Lines which indicate the vehicle clearance and distances are also displayed.

  • Hands-free phone system
  • System Diagram System Description Refer to the Owner's Manual for Bluetooth telephone system operating instructions. NOTE: Cellular telephones must have their wireless connection set up (paired) before using the Bluetooth telephone system. Bluetooth telephone system allows users who have a Bluetooth cellular telephone to make a wireless connection between their cellular telephone and the Bluetooth control unit. Hands-free cellular telephone calls can be sent and received. Some Bluetooth cellular telephones may not be recognized by the Bluetooth control unit. When a cellular telephone or the Bluetooth control unit is replaced, the telephone must be paired with the Bluetooth control unit.

  • Diagnosis system (AV control unit)
  • Diagnosis Description MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH AND PRESET SWITCH SELF-DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION The ON/OFF operation (continuity) of each switch in the multifunction switch and preset switch can be checked. Self-Diagnosis Mode Press the BACK switch and the switch of the 8-direction switches within 10 seconds after turning the ignition switch from OFF to ACC and hold them for 3 seconds or more. Then the buzzer sounds, all indicators of the preset switch illuminate, and the self-diagnosis mode starts. The continuity of each switch at the ON position can be checked by pressing the switch. The buzzer sounds if the switch is normal. NOTE: The disk eject switch cannot be checked.

  • Diagnosis system (bluetooth control unit)
  • Diagnosis Description The Bluetooth control unit has two diagnostic checks. The first diagnostic check is performed automatically every ignition cycle during control unit initialization. The second diagnostic check is performed by the technician using the steering wheel audio control switches prior to trouble diagnosis. BLUETOOTH CONTROL UNIT INITIALIZATION CHECKS Internal control unit failure Bluetooth antenna connection open or shorted Steering wheel audio control switches [ (PHONE/SEND), (PHONE/END)] stuck closed Vehicle speed pulse count Microphone connection test (with playback to operator) Bluetooth inquiry check OPERATION PROCEDURE Turn ignition switch to ACC or ON.

Inspection and adjustment

Audio system