Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair workflow
  • Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED FLOW 1.CHECK SYMPTOM Check the malfunction symptoms by performing the following items. Interview the customer to obtain the malfunction information (conditions and environment when the malfunction occurred). Check the symptom. 2.SELF-DIAGNOSIS (CONSULT) Connect CONSULT and perform "SELF-DIAGNOSIS" for "MULTI AV". NOTE: Skip to step 4 of the diagnosis procedure if "MULTI AV" is not displayed. Check if any DTC No. is displayed in the self-diagnosis results. 3.CHECK SELF-DIAGNOSIS RESULTS (CONSULT) Check the DTC No. indicated in the self-diagnosis results. Perform the relevant diagnosis referring to the DTC No. list. Refer to AV-607, "DTC Index".

  • Inspection and adjustment
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICE WHEN REPLACING CONTROL UNIT ADDITIONAL SERVICE WHEN REPLACING CONTROL UNIT : Description BEFORE REPLACEMENT When replacing AV control unit, save current vehicle specification with CONSULT configuration before replacement. AFTER REPLACEMENT CAUTION: When replacing AV control unit, you must perform "WRITE CONFIGURATION" with CONSULT. Complete the procedure of "WRITE CONFIGURATION" in order. If you set incorrect "WRITE CONFIGURATION", incidents might occur. Configuration is different for each vehicle model. Confirm configuration of each vehicle model. ADDITIONAL SERVICE WHEN REPLACING CONTROL UNIT : Special Repair Requirement 1.

Rear view camera

Diagnosis and repair workflow