Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Basic inspection

  • Diagnosis and repair workflow
  • Repair Work Flow WORK FLOW DETAILED FLOW 1.CUSTOMER INFORMATION Interview the customer to obtain detailed information about the symptom. 2.PRELIMINARY CHECK Perform preliminary check 3.SELF-DIAGNOSIS Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. 4.SYMPTOM Check for symptoms. 5.MALFUNCTIONING PARTS Repair or replace the applicable parts. 6.DRIVE TEST Perform a drive test. Check the low tire pressure warning lamp. 7.

  • Inspection and adjustment
  • Preliminary Check NOTE: The Signal Tech II Tool (J-50190) can be used to perform the following functions. Refer to the Signal Tech II User Guide for additional information.  Activate and display TPMS transmitter IDs  Display tire pressure reported by the TPMS transmitter  Read TPMS DTCs  Register TPMS transmitter IDs 1.TIRE PRESSURE Check all tire pressures. 2.LOW TIRE PRESSURE WARNING LAMP Check low tire pressure warning lamp activation 3.BCM CONNECTOR Disconnect BCM harness connectors. Check terminals for damage or loose connection. Reconnect harness connector. 4.TRANSMITTER ACTIVATION TOOL Check battery in transmitter activation tool.

Road wheels & tires

Diagnosis and repair workflow