Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Removal and installation

  • Parking brake control
  • Exploded View Parking brake pedal Parking brake switch Pedal pad Adjusting nut Lock plate Front cable Rear cable (RH) Rear cable (LH) Equalizer Spring Pin   Front Removal and Installation REMOVAL Remove rear wheel and tire using power tool. Refer to WT-60, "Adjustment". Remove instrument lower panel LH. Remove lower knee protector (LH). Refer to IP-10, "Exploded View". Disconnect parking brake switch connector. Remove adjusting nut and discard, then loosen the front cable. CAUTION: Do not reuse adjusting nut. Remove parking brake pedal nuts and remove the parking brake pedal. Remove center console. Refer to IP-14, "Removal and Installation".

  • Parking brake shoe
  • Exploded View Back plate Parking brake shoe (front) Adjuster Adjuster spring Return spring Anti-rattle spring Retainer Anti-rattle pin Toggle lever Parking brake shoe (rear) Front Apply PBC (Poly Butyl Cuprysil) grease or silicone based grease Removal and Installation REMOVAL WARNING: Clean brakes with a vacuum dust collector to minimize the hazard of air borne particles or other materials. Clean dust on disc rotor and back plate using a vacuum dust collector. Do not blow with compressed air. Remove rear wheel and tire using power tool. Refer to WT-60, "Adjustment". Remove brake caliper torque member bolts, leaving brake hose attached, reposition the caliper aside with wire.

Parking brake system

Parking brake control