Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Symptom diagnosis

  • Front wiper and washer system symptoms
  • Symptom Table CAUTION:Perform the self-diagnosis with CONSULT before performing the diagnosis by symptom. Perform thediagnosis by DTC if DTC is detected.

  • Front wiper does not operate
  • Description The front wiper does not operate under any operation conditions Diagnosis Procedure 1. CHECK WIPER RELAY OPERATION IPDM E/R AUTO ACTIVE TEST Start IPDM E/R auto active test. Refer to PCS-11, "Diagnosis Description". Check that the front wiper operates at the LO/HI operation. CONSULT ACTIVE TEST Select "FRONT WIPER" of IPDM E/R active test item. While operating the test item, check front wiper LO/HI operation and OFF. LO : Front wiper LO operation<>HI : Front wiper HI operation<>OFF : Stop the front wiper. 2. CHECK FRONT WIPER MOTOR FUSE Turn the ignition switch OFF. Check that the front wiper motor fuse 30A (No. 55, located in the IPDM E/R) is not blown 3.

  • Normal operating condition
  • Description FRONT WIPER MOTOR PROTECTION FUNCTION IPDM E/R may stop the front wiper to protect the front wiper motor if any obstruction (operation resistance)such as a large amount of snow is detected during the front wiper operation. At that time turn OFF the front wiper and remove the foreign object. Then wait for approximately 20 secondsor more and reactivate the front wiper. The wiper will operate normally.

Front wiper and washer system

Front wiper and washer system symptoms