Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Meter, warning lamp & indicator

  • Basic inspection
  • DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR WORKFLOW Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED FLOW 1.CONFIRM SYMPTOM Confirm symptom or customer complaint. 2.CHECK SELF-DIAGNOSIS OPERATION OF COMBINATION METER Perform self-diagnosis of combination meter. Refer to MWI-29, "Diagnosis Description". 3.CHECK COMBINATION METER (CONSULT) Select "METER/M&A" on CONSULT and perform "SELF-DIAGNOSIS" of combination meter. Refer to MWI- 29, "CONSULT Function (METER/M&A)". 4.

  • System description
  • DTC/circuit diagnosis
  • ECU diagnosis information
  • Wiring diagram
  • Symptom diagnosis
  • Precaution
  • PRECAUTIONS Precaution for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER" The Supplemental Restraint System such as "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER", used along with a front seat belt, helps to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger for certain types of collision. This system includes seat belt switch inputs and dual stage front air bag modules. The SRS system uses the seat belt switches to determine the front air bag deployment, and may only deploy one front air bag, depending on the severity of a collision and whether the front occupants are belted or unbelted.

  • Preparation
  • PREPARATION Special Service Tools Commercial Service Tools

  • Removal and installation
  • Unit disassembly and assembly
  • COMBINATION METER Disassembly and Assembly DISASSEMBLY  Remove the combination meter. Refer to MWI-122, "Removal and Installation".  Remove the combination meter lens (1) from the combination meter (2). ASSEMBLY Assembly is in the reverse order of disassembly.

Driver information & multimedia

Basic inspection