Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Periodic Maintenance

  • Spark Plug
  • Exploded View Ignition coil Spark plug Rocker cover (RH) Rocker cover (LH) Removal and Installation REMOVAL Remove the ignition coil. Refer to EM-42, "Removal and Installation (LH)" and EM-42, "Removal and Installation (RH)". Remove the spark plug with a suitable spark plug wrench. INSPECTION AFTER REMOVAL Do not use a wire brush for cleaning the spark plugs. If plug is covered with carbon, a spark plug cleaner may be used. Cleaner air pressure : less than 588 kPa (6 kg/cm2, 85 psi) Cleaning time : less than 20 se Checking and adjusting spark plug gap is not required between change intervals.

  • Drive Belts
  • Checking Drive Belts Idler pulley Drive belt Power steering oil pump Drive belt auto-tensioner Crankshaft pulley Idler pulley A/C compressor Generator Indicator New drive belt range Possible use range View D Engine front WARNING: Inspect and check the drive belt with the engine off. Check that the indicator of drive belt auto-tensioner is within the possible use range. NOTE: Check the drive belt auto-tensioner indication when the engine is cold. When new drive belt is installed, the indicator should be within the new drive belt range. Visually check entire drive belt for wear, damage or cracks.

  • Air Cleaner Filter
  • Removal and Insta Air duct hose and resonator assembly Front air duct Air cleaner case (lower) Grommets Air cleaner case mounting bracket Bracket Air cleaner filter Air cleaner case (upper) Mass air flow sensor  To electric throttle control actuator Air cleaner case side clips CHANGING THE AIR CLEANER FILTER NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the front air duct to replace the air cleaner filter. Unhook the air cleaner case side clips. Remove the air cleaner filter. Install a new air cleaner filter. Lock the air cleaner case side clips.

  • Camshaft Valve Clearance
  • Valve Clearance CHECKING NOTE: Perform inspection as follows after removal, installation or replacement of camshaft or valve related parts, or if there are unusual engine conditions regarding valve clearance. Check valve clearance while engine is cold and not running. Remove the front air duct with air cleaner case, collectors, hoses, wires, harnesses, and connectors. Refer to EM-24, "Removal and Installation". Remove the intake manifold collectors. Refer to EM-25, "Removal and Installation". Remove the ignition coils and spark plugs. Refer to EM-42, "Exploded View". Remove the rocker covers. Refer to EM-48, "Exploded View". Set No.1 cylinder at TDC on its compression stroke.

  • Compression Pressure
  • On-Vehicle Service CHECKING COMPRESSION PRESSURE Run the engine until it reaches normal operating temperature. Turn the ignition switch to OFF. Release fuel pressure. Refer to EC-592, "Inspection". Remove all six spark plugs. Refer to EM-12, "Removal and Installation". Attach a compression tester to No. 1 cylinder. Depress accelerator pedal fully to keep the electric throttle control actuator butterfly-valve wide open to maximize air intake flow. Crank the engine and record the highest gauge indication. Repeat the measurement on each cylinder (steps 5 - 7). Always use a fully-charged battery to obtain specified engine speed.

System Description

Spark Plug