Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: Periodic maintenance

  • Refrigerant
  • Description CONNECTION OF SERVICE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT Shut-off valve A/C service valve Recovery/recycling/recharging equipment Refrigerant container (HFC-134a) Weight scale (J-39650) Vacuum pump (J-39649) Manifold gauge set (J-39183)  Preferred (best) method  Alternative method  For charging  Leak Test CHECK REFRIGERANT LEAKAGE USING FLUORESCENT LEAK DETECTION DYE Install a fender cover (1). Wear UV safety goggles (2) provided with refrigerant dye leak detection kit (J-43926). Connect power cable (4) of UV lamp (6) to positive and negative terminals of the battery (3). Press UV lamp switch (5) and check A/C system for refrigerant leakage.

  • Oil
  • Description MAINTENANCE OF OIL LEVEL The compressor oil is circulating in the system together with the refrigerant. It is necessary to fill compressor with oil when replacing A/C system parts or when a large amount of refrigerant leakage is detected. It is important to always maintain oil level within the specified level, otherwise the following conditions may occur: Insufficient oil amount: Stuck compressor Excessive oil amount: Insufficient cooling (caused by insufficient heat exchange) Oil Type : A/C System Oil Type S Inspection If a compressor is malfunctioning (internal noise, insufficient cooling), check the compressor oil. 1.COMPRESSOR OIL JUDGMENT Remove the compressor.

  • Refrigeration system
  • Inspection 1.CHECK BLOWER MOTOR OPERATION Check blower motor operation 2.CHECK COMPRESSOR OPERATION Check compressor operatio  3.CHECK REFRIGERANT CYCLE PRESSURE Connect recovery/recycling recharging equipment to the vehicle and perform the diagnosis with the gauge pressure.

  • Performance test
  • Inspection INSPECTION PROCEDURE Connect recovery/recycling/recharging equipment (for HFC-134a) or manifold gauge. Start the engine, and set to the following condition. Maintain test condition until A/C system becomes stable. (Approximately 10 minutes) Check that test results of "recirculating-to-discharge air temperature" and "ambient air temperature-tooperating pressure" are within the specified value. When test results are within the specified value, inspection is complete. If any of test result is out of the specified value, perform diagnosis by gauge pressure. Refer to HA-21, "WITH COLOR DISPLAY : Symptom Matrix Chart".

Symptom diagnosis