Nissan Maxima Service and Repair Manual: System description

  • SRS air bag system
  • SRS Configuration The air bag deploys if the air bag diagnosis sensor unit is activated while the ignition switch is in the ON orSTART position.The collision modes for which supplemental restraint systems are activated are different among the SRS systems.For example, the driver air bag module, front passenger air bag module and front seat belt pre-tensionersare activated in a frontal collision but not in a side collision.

  • Occupant classification system
  • System Diagram Occupant Classification System (OCS) The occupant classification system (OCS) identifies if a child or child seat is present in the front passenger seat. The OCS receives inputsfrom the occupant classification sensor mat (1) which is locatedinside the passenger seat cushion assembly. Depending on classificationof the passenger, the OCS control unit (2) sends a signal tothe air bag diagnosis sensor unit. The air bag diagnosis sensor unituses this signal and the seat belt buckle switch RH signal to determinedeployment or non-deployment of the front passenger air bagmodule in the event of a collision.

  • Passenger seat belt warning system
  • System Diagram System Description The seat belt warning lamp (1) will remind the driver if the driver or front passenger seat belt should be buckled. The system works inconjunction with the occupant classification system. Refer to SRC-10, "Occupant Classification System (OCS)".

  • On board diagnostic (OBD) system
  • Trouble Diagnosis Introduction CAUTION: Do not use electrical test equipment on any circuit related to the SRS unless instructed to do so inthis Service Manual. SRS wiring harnesses can be identified by yellow and/or orange harness connectors. Do not attempt to repair, splice or modify SRS wiring harnesses. If a harness is damaged, replace itwith a new one. Keep ground connections clean. DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION The SRS self-diagnosis results can be read by using "AIR BAG" warning lamp and/or CONSULT.The User mode is exclusively prepared for the customer (driver). This mode warns the driver of a system malfunctionthrough the operation of the "AIR BAG" warning lamp.

Intermittent incident

SRS air bag system